There are six main methods in which you can get data from TE API, these beeing Indicators, Calendar, Forecast, Markets, Earnings and News.

Tableau methods 1


Indicators has the sub-categories All Indicators, Historical Data, Credit Rating and Updates.

Tableau indicators 1

In All Indicators you can:

Tableau indicators 2

In Historical Data you can:

Tableau indicators 3

In Credit Rating you can:

Tableau indicators 4

In Updates you can:

Tableau indicators 5


In Calendar you can:

Tableau calendar 1


In Forecast you can:

Tableau forecast 1


Markets has the sub-categories Spanshots, Historical Data, Intraday Data and Market Lists.

Tableau markets 1

In Spanshots you can:

Tableau markets 2

In Historical Data you can:

Tableau markets 3

In Intraday Data you can:

Tableau markets 4

In Market Lists you can:

Tableau markets 5


In Earnings you can:

Tableau earnings 1


News has the sub-categories Latest News and Latest Articles.

Tableau news 1

In Latest News you can:

Tableau news 2

In Latest Articles you can:

Tableau news 3

Info Inputs

After choosing a way of getting data, depending on the option, many different input fields are displayed. These can be Countries, Indicators, Date, Symbols and many others. Please pick only one indicator/country/symbol if Tableau fails to display multiple ones.

Tableau info 1


Before submitting your data request insert your API Key. Please subscribe to one of our plans if you do not have one.

Tableau api 1

After all is set click on the Submit button. Your data will be displayed in Tableau Software.