Response Fields

CalendarIDstringUnique calendar ID used by Trading Economics“87220”
DatestringRelease time and date in UTC“2016-12-02T13:30:00”
CountrystringCountry original name“United States”
CategorystringCategory original name“20 Year Bond Yield”
EventstringEvent original name“20-Year Bond Auction”
ReferencestringAbbreviated period for which released data refers toNov/26"
ReferenceDatestringReferenceDate refers to the date period for which the datapoint was released“2016-11-30T00:00:00”
SourcestringSource of the data“U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”
SourceURLstringURL link of the source“”
ActualstringLatest released value“178K”
PreviousstringValue for the previous period after the revision (if revision is applicable)“142K”
ForecaststringAverage forecast among a representative group of economists“175K”
TEForecaststringTE own projections“180K”
URLstringHyperlink at Trading Economics“/united-states/non-farm-payrolls”
DateSpanstring0 Indicates that the time of the event is known, 1 indicates that we only know the date of event, the exact time of event is unknown“0”
Importancenumber1 = low, 2 = medium, 3 = high3
LastUpdatestringTime when new data was inserted or changed“2016-12-02T13:31:00”
RevisedstringValue reported in the previous period after revision161K"
CurrencystringCurrency of the data“C$”
UnitstringUnit of the data“%”
TickerstringUnique ticker used by Trading Economics“NFP TCH”
SymbolstringUnique symbol used by Trading Economics“IJCUSA”

Extra fields available when values=true query string argument is used

ActualValuenumberActual field numeric value178000
PreviousValuenumberPrevious field numeric value142000
ForecastValuenumberForecast field numeric value175000
TEForecastValuenumberTEForecast field numeric value180000

Note: The response for this argument is optimized for JSON format only